Jelqing exercises are one of the most effective methods known to help in increasing the penis girth and length. It must be kept in mind that while there are several so called methods of penis enlargement, the only thing that seems to work effectively is exercises. The word jelqing is from the Arabic language and literally means ‘to milk’. Many a times this exercise is also known as ‘milking’. The main motive of these exercises is to force the flow of blood into the penis. Indeed, with increased blood flow, the penis will gain strength and also increase in size and more importantly girth too. It is a known fact that many men feel that their penis is not long enough, or is too thin and some even feel that they have a weak penis. These jelqing exercises do prove to work wonders for such men. The exercise is fairly simply to follow but does come with it do’s and don’ts. To begin with, it is very important that the rhythm followed during this exercise is not a vigorous one, since this can lead to injury. Just like any other exercise form, here too the warm up period takes on great proportions.

Ignoring warm up during the jelq exercises could even lead to a rupture in the blood vessels. In order to warm up, one can simply place a warm towel around the penis for a minute or two and allow the penis to grow to a semi erect state. After the warm up routine, one will need to use the thumb and forefinger and make the ‘ok’ sign on the penis base. After this begin the milking routine. Stop short of the head of the penis and use the other hand to start of at the base.

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Both the hands need to be put to work here and as soon as one reaches the head the other should start off at the base. As in the case of all other penis enlargement exercises, the key to success here is practice and continuity.

Keep in mind that like most other penis enlargement exercises, here too, it is very important to work with lubricants in order to ensure that a smooth rhythm can be maintained without hurting the skin in any way at all.

It will help to remember that when following these exercises a cool down is just as important as a warm up. The cool down routine follows the same procedure as the warm up routine does. Also do not ejaculate during the process.

These exercises should not be performed on a full hard on. Following these tips will help reap the benefits of the jelqing exercises as well as ensure that the routine does not end up hurting the penis in any way.

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