Jelqing Exercises

280x157-BcjIt is nothing new that men from all around the can go to any length to increase the length/size of their penis and the duration of erection. From stretching the penis manually to hanging weights of different sizes on the penis, men have put all on the line including their safety and security for an opportunity to enlarge the penis. Penis enlargement exercises are called Jelqing it is often said that Jelqing originated from the middle east where elderly men often fathers taught sons different kinds of Jelqing techniques for sexual pleasures and a penile massage technique also a type of Jelqing that increased the overall size of the penis, while other sources argued that jelq is coined from the term jerk off( a known slang for masturbation) by college students all around the world however whichever is true, Jelqing is now a common term when penis enlargement comes to mind.

Does Jelqing increase the size of the penis?

Although thousands of men all around the world have reported how effective Jelqing is in increasing the length and girth of the human penis there has been no scientific study to back this up. It takes time to master the tricks of Jelqing and if performed incorrectly can cause some degree of penile damage. Jelqing exercises works by forcing blood to flow into the penis thus creating an inbuilt pressure which allows for expansion of the penis.


Basic safety tips for Jelqing

  1. Always use a gentle grip and intensity
  2. Warm up first
  3. Do not jelq when fully erected
  4. Do not jelq the penile head.

How to jelq

Jelqing exercise workouts involves a daily 20-30 minutes of Jelqing, however this sessions should begin with penis warm up which is usually a warm bath or a warm towel wrapped  all around the penis the warm up helps to increase the flow of blood to the human  penis and after this the Jelqing exercises can begin.

Lubrication of the penis

Water soluble lubricants are the most commonly used although they could dry out you can reapply it throughout the exercise process. It helps you jelq smoothly without any injury or friction.


Jelqing exercise

Remember use the ok grip whenever you are Jelqing it could be done using any of the 2 methods firstly place the palms upwards looking away from the body or place the palm facing the body and irrespective of the method you using always have a complete hand grip encircling the entire base of the penis. Jelqing exercise involves applying the ok sign all around the base of a lubricated not fully erected penis to stop the flow of blood and the sign is moved firmly from the base to the gland penis and immediately the same movement is started with the other hand and each stroke should not last for less than 3 seconds an average workout comprises of about 100-200 jelq movements. The exercise should be stopped if any pain or erection occurs also ejaculation should not be allowed.