When wondering about how to enlarge your penis, most men tend to adopt either penile contraptions or medications. Some men have even been known to undergo surgery in order to increase the size of the penis. However, when seeking the answer to the question, how to enlarge your penis one need not look beyond simple exercises. There are several exercises that help in increasing the size of the penis and of these the jelqing is said to be the most effective. The jelq technique has been around for centuries now and many men have benefited from it. The word comes from the Arabic language and translates as ‘milking’. It is the motion of milking that is used while performing this exercise that lends the name to these strokes. The idea here is to simply increase the flow of blood into the penile region in order to better the health of the penis and thus help it increase in size. Since this is a completely natural process, it has zero negative side effects. Pills, surgery and even penile contraptions expose the penis to grave dangers and one must keep this in mind.

Jelqing exercises do require one to follow a few basic tips, but these tips go a long way in ensuring that the exercises benefit the person. To begin with, it is very important to indulge in a warm up routine each and every time. For this a warm towel can be wrapped around the penis for two to three minutes in order to achieve a semi erect state. It is very important to never perform the exercise on a fully erect penis. As important as it is to undertake a warm up, a cool down is just as necessary. It is also important that you do not frisk too hard and follow smooth slow and steady rhythms instead.

Jelq is one of the most important of all the penis enlarging exercises and can produce some fantastic results. However, this does not mean that it will help the penis grow within a week of starting these workouts. Like any other exercise form, here too it is consistency that will ensure benefits.

The added advantage of these penis enlarging exercises is that they help better the over all health of the penis. Those who suffer from a weak penis and have to combat with issues like premature ejaculation and even low intensity erections will benefit largely from these exercises and must follow them religiously.

Even those who are happy with their penis will gain from these exercises. Getting the strokes right and doing these exercises religiously will increase not only your penis size but can also better your sex life hugely. So rather than wonder about how to enlarge your penis, just learn about these exercises and get going.

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