Jelqing techniques must be kept in mind when aiming to achieve optimum results from these exercise plans. Indeed simply trying to stroke the penis in a haphazard manner will yield absolutely no result and end up frustrating you. To begin with, it is essential to understand the goal of these exercises. The motive behind these strokes is to force the flow of blood into the penile area in order to increase its length and girth over time. Indeed added blood flow will translate to better penis health, which in turn means enlargement. It comes as no surprise that even those who suffer from a weak erection or premature ejaculation have been able to benefit from these exercises tremendously. Keep in mind that these exercises are not undertaken in order to ejaculate and therefore it is very important that the head of the penis should be avoided completely during these exercises. When performing the strokes, remember to use a lubricant so as to prevent bruising the skin while performing the strokes. Keep in mind that if you are bruising your penis skin in that case the grip needs to be loosened a bit.

The net is an ideal place to pick up on a free jelqing technique tip that will help you in understanding how to go about the process. There are several videos that can be downloaded in order to understand exactly how to perform the exercises. Keep in mind that a warm up and cool down technique is very important during these exercises. The penis should neither be limp nor fully erect and for this it is very important that a warm up procedure is followed. Most people like to use a warm towel wrap for two minutes around the area in order to achieve the semi erect state desired for the penis.

When learning about the jelq technique it will help to consult your local physician too. Since these exercises are pretty safe and do not have any side effects, most people need not fear at all. However, it is very important that the exercises are performed in the right fashion, since being too vigorous could harm the penis tissue severely.

The jelqing technique is indeed integral to optimizing the advantage of these jelqing exercises. Those who do not know how to begin the stroke and exactly where to end it, will not gain much from these exercises. The idea is to begin at the base of the penis and stop just short of the head.

While it is true that these exercises are extremely effective, it is also true that they are not overnight success programs. If you wish to increase your penis size by adopting these exercises, you must remember that consistency is very important here. So do follow the jelqing techniques everyday in order to benefit from these exercises.